Friday, June 19, 2009

First Generation Successful

On 17th June, our entire team including the three of us (me, Tamas and Kamil) and Mr. Surendra Mathema along with his wife and Dr. Damber Bahadur Nepali made a trip to the village to test the first generation of electricity.
Water was passed through the penstock to the peltric generating set. Mr. Surendra with the assistance of his wife measured the flow of the water, its potential and the electricity generated. Although our peltric set is actually made to generate 3KW of electricity, 3.8KW of electricity was recorded to have generated. However, since in the long run this could be harmful for the set, he fixed the controller to generate only 3KW.
On the same trip the three of us got to visit more houses in the village and meet more villagers and learn about them and their lifestyle. We also got to interview several villagers and learn about their reaction towards the project and their plans / feelings towards getting electricity in their houses.
The trip was full of new experiences. We got to learn more about the technical aspects of this project which has been a drawback for us due to our lack of knowledge in the field. However, our team with such professional individuals definitely helped us a lot.
Special thanks to my cousin, Kritish Rajbhandari who acted as a translator and helped out in the interviewing process for his assistance and tremendous support.
Undoubtedly, the first test of the generation of electricity was successful and so was our trip!

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