Monday, June 8, 2009

420m of pipe insufficient

The construction work had been running smoothly until June 8th when we discovered that 420m long pipes that had already been transported to the village were insufficient. We had been hoping that all the construction work related to the pipes i.e. connecting all the High Density Polyethylene Pipe would be complete by 8th / 9th June so that we could proceed to the next step of the project i.e. wiring in the village. The local correspondent in the village contacted us to inform that all the pipes had been used up and 45m more was needed to complete this phase of the project.

In the initial stage when the project started, the rough estimation of the length of the pipe required was made in a traditional way by using a string. Thus, the distance between the river and the location where the power house would be constructed i.e. the length of the penstock for the generation of appropriate amount of electricity was determined. In order to prevent the situation we are facing today, the length was measured three times then but that obviously wasn’t enough. However, when the construction began, the flexibility of the string used to measure caused room for error. This situation wasn’t completely unexpected but the only issue was the problem of transporting 7 more pieces of pipes that weigh 4kgs each.
We have decided to contact Nepal Poly Pipe and buy additional 45m of pipe from them as soon as possible so that the construction work can continue and we can generate electricity on time.

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